A selection of Recipes

A great recipe for Newbies

40 oz olive oil
5 oz. lye
14  oz water.

Add lye to water, let sit until it cools to room temperature.  Once cooled mixed lye water mixture with olive oil.  Blast with the stick blender a couple of times.  Once trace happens pour into soap mold.  Cover mold with towels.  After 48 hours unmold and cut.

Cucumber Soap

15 ounces Canola Oil
30 ounces Coconut Oil
27 ounces Olive Oil
21 ounces Palm Oil
5 ounces Shea Butter
13.75 ounces of lye
20 ounces of rain water
16 ounces of pureed cucumber (yes peel and pulp)

Mix lye and water. Cool to 90° or room temperature

Pureed cukes ( approx. 2-3 large cukes)

Heat oils to 90°(or room temperature)

Mix lye solution and oils, blend well, add pureed cukes.

Bring to light trace, add fragrance of your choice ( Sweetcakes
Econocuke - at a 1% usage rate is one that I often use).
Bring to heavy trace.
Pour in mold.
Leave it alone. :)

Notes: Even in very hard water it has lots of lather, very creamy and is very
soothing to skin. Uncolored, it is a very lovely pale ivory, slightly
translucent. No GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) needed.  If you chose to modify
this recipe by subbing other oils or butters, it will not be remotely the same
unbelievably wonderful soap.  If you choose to use different oils make sure you run it through a Soap Calculator to ensure correct amount of lye and water.