Thursday, 30 June 2011

Equipment needed for making soap - Cody Wellard

Here is a list of equipment that you will need to make soap.
Soap Making Supplies Needed:

 Oils (fats)
 Distilled Water or Rain Water
 Safety Glasses or Goggles
 Rubber or Plastic Gloves
  Glass Jar
 1 Lye Pitcher plastic is best
 Long-handled Wooden or Plastic Spoon
 1 Thermometers (a candy thermometer works best, you can use one for both oils and lye)
 Stainless Steel Soap Pot or plastic bucket if you are going to microwave your hard oils
 Mold, Plastic or Wooden Container, you can also use various items like milk carton on its side
 Insulating Materials, blankets, towels, cardboard box
 Plastic garbage bag to line your wooden box with
 Fragrance or Essential Oils

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