Friday, 24 June 2011

Your soap mold - Cody Wellard

I usually line my soap mold while I am waiting for my lye and water solution to cool.  If using a wooden soap mold, line the mold with butcher paper from your local grocer, making sure there are as few wrinkles as possible to prevent creases from forming on the soap. If using a plastic soap mold, spray with vegetable oil, if you don't have spray oil, rub with a paper towel and oil.  Myself I use a wooden soap mold.  I line it with a plastic garbage bag.  I have found that if you pour water into your wooden mold, ensure all sides are wet, then place your plastic bag into the mold and gently smooth out the wrinkles, the water will help the garbage bag to stick to the sides and bottom.  You can wash the pieces of plastic garbage bag and reuse them several times.

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